Silver Lake Mural

The Silver Lake Mural was installed in 2020 using historic photos of the Silver Lake Beach and city skyline circa 1950. It is located on the back wall of the Rocket Liquor building at 528 Chestnut Street in Virginia.

Virtual Tour

Take a walk from the school at 5th Avenue and 2nd Street South to the 100 block of Chestnut Steet to see the eight murals installed since 2008.

Virginia Athletic Mural Completed in 2015 Virginia Athletic Mural

This mural is a community mural – not a wall of champions. It is intended to be a reflection of the community, the Blue Devils, and athletes.  The Blue Devils have 22 sports and hundreds if not thousands of champions. This design reflects individual athletes in a variety of Blue Devil sports. The mural is located on the North Star Elementary School on 2nd Street South and 6th Avenue.

Ojibwe Mural Completed in 2014 Ojibwe Mural

This mural incorporates traditional Ojibwe culture, activities and practices with consideration to contemporary Ojibwe life. Ojibwe culture and life is known for its oral history and colorful stories that often convey lessons, the connection to nature and Minnesota environment through seasonal activities that are still practiced today, Ojibwe language, and Ojibwe’s connection to Gitchi-Manitou (The Great Spirit) as a daily journey practiced in the walk of life. This mural recognizes the accomplishments of the Ojibwe people of Virginia, as well as their ongoing contributions and future aspirations to this vibrant community. This mural is located at 327 1st Street South.

Cruising Main Completed in 2013 Cruising Main

This mural recognizes the long-gone tradition of cruising the main. For years, it was a popular activity to “cruise” Virginia’s main street on Friday nights. This mural was born of the local love of classic cars and is located at 105 Chestnut Street.

Marching Blues: the Virginia Marching Band Through Time Completed in 2012 Marching Blues: the Virginia Marching Band Through Time

Virginia’s fifth mural depicts its beloved marching band. The mural portrays images of past members of the award-winning marching band at 411 – 1st Street North.

Canelakes Candy Mural Completed in 2011 Canelakes Candy Mural

This mural celebrates Canelakes a well-established candy store thriving on main street. Gust Canelake started the business in 1905. Onlookers of this mural will be treated to what the store was like in the early 1900’s. The mural is located on the side of the building at 106 Fifth Avenue.

Veterans Mural Completed in 2010 Veterans Mural

This mural honors the men and women who have served in our country’s military. These larger-than-life images features area veterans/servicemen and women. It is adjacent to the Iron Range Veterans Memorial, “Shoulder to Shoulder – Even the Fallen Stand Tall” monument near Bailey’s Lake at 409 First Street North.

Marty Biondich Completed in 2009 Marty Biondich

This mural features Marty Biondich, a much-loved community icon who inspired residents to remember the importance of friendship and goodwill. Marty was known for keeping the streets of downtown clean. He smiled broadly and said hello to all those who passed by. A lover of baseball, Marty could be found at Little League games with the same enthusiasm for greeting others. He passed away in 1999. Donors were quick to memorialize Marty in this mural at 519 Chestnut Street.

Hartley and Wesley Koski Mural Completed in 2008 Hartley and Wesley Koski Mural

Virginia’s first mural is in honor of Hartley and Wesley Koski, brothers and businessmen who were second-generation owners of their father’s store, Koski Hardware and Furniture. The store which opened in the 1920’s was originally located on the 100 block of Chestnut Street and later moved to the 200 block in the 1940’s. Hartley and Wesley’s final wish was to have the wealth they had amassed through hard work and humble living be used to improve and beautify the downtown Virginia area. Upon Hartley’s death in 1997, the Koski’s donated their entire estate of more than $1 million to the Virginia Community Foundation.

The mural was removed from its location at 205 Chestnut Street in 2021. The building was demolished June of 2023. Due to the deteriorated condition of the mural, it will not be relocated.