Virginia Murals

You can help to restore vitality to our downtown by supporting the creation of beautiful murals. Donors wishing to support future murals in Virginia’s downtown area may make contributions to Virginia’s Non-endowed Mural Fund. As a non-endowed fund, your gift principal and earnings will be available for future murals.

Virginia Athletic Mural Completed in 2015 Virginia Athletic Mural

Size – 105 feet long and 28 feet tall

Number of Panels – 98

Main Colors (eyes & skin) – “Act Naturally”- Crème and the “Work of Art”- Blue (all paint used in the mural is from Ace Hardware and we have a local store)

Artist’s favorite images – Chris Heine & Cory Santelli- because there was a lot of detail

Congratulations to the Mural Committee of the Virginia Community Foundation and the community that will enjoy it for years to come.

Interesting fact – during its development, the Mural had to be moved from the artists original studio, in an old, abandoned school house, to the artists new studio.

Artist: Kelly Meredith

Thank you to those who assisted:

  • Northwoods Construction – Earl Heisel and Crew
  • Road Machinery
  • Hoover Construction
  • Pohaki Lumber

Plaques are still available for sale, starting at $50, to recognize a single athlete or a team!

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Ojibwe Mural Completed in 2014 Ojibwe Mural
Cruising Main Completed in 2013 Cruising Main
Marching Blues: the Virginia Marching Band Through Time Completed in 2012 Marching Blues: the Virginia Marching Band Through Time
Canelakes Candy Mural Completed in 2011 Canelakes Candy Mural

This mural celebrates a 100 year old business and tradition.

Veterans Mural Completed in 2010 Veterans Mural

This mural, near Bailey’s Lake, extends over 250 feet in length, and includes images, plaques and stars of local veterans.

Marty Biondich Completed in 2009 Marty Biondich

This mural features Marty Biondich, a downtown icon for many years who kept the streets clean and always had a friendly grin and a kind word for downtown merchants and passersby. “Marty”, as he was fondly known by everyone in town, passed away in 1999. Donors to the project were able to have a name painted on individual baseballs incorporated within the mural.

Hartley and Wesley Koski Mural Completed in 2008 Hartley and Wesley Koski Mural

This mural is in honor of Hartley and Wesley Koski, who bequeathed their entire estate worth $1,050,000 to the Virginia Community Foundation