Your Virtual Tour

Above is the latest mural installed in 2020 using historic photos of the Silver Lake Beach and city skyline circa 1950. The 71, 4-x-8-foot aluminum panels cover the entire back wall of the Rocket Liquor building at 528 Chestnut Street in Virginia.

Take a walk between the school complex at 5th Avenue and 2nd Street and the intersection of 2nd Avenue and Chestnut Street to see the nine murals installed since 2008.

Virginia Athletic Mural Completed in 2015 Virginia Athletic Mural

Local schools take pride in their sports programs. In this mural, athletes are memorialized as they were known in their chosen sport, while they were competing for Virginia.

Ojibwe Mural Completed in 2014 Ojibwe Mural

Local Native tribe members are honored for their role in service and ealdership in our community.

Cruising Main Completed in 2013 Cruising Main

For years, it was a popular activity to “cruise” Virginia’s main street on Friday nights. In recognition of this long-gone tradition, this Mural was born of the local love of classic cars.

Marching Blues: the Virginia Marching Band Through Time Completed in 2012 Marching Blues: the Virginia Marching Band Through Time

Virginia is well know for its band, flaggers, and pom pom lineup. This mural depicts members who excelled in their in band throughout the years.

Canelakes Candy Mural Completed in 2011 Canelakes Candy Mural

This mural celebrates Canelakes candy store on main street, recognizing 100 year old business.

Veterans Mural Completed in 2010 Veterans Mural

This mural, near Bailey’s Lake, extends over 250 feet in length, and includes images of veterans who are honored by local families.

Marty Biondich Completed in 2009 Marty Biondich

Marty Biondich was known for sweeping the streets in front of downtown businesses. He smiled broadly and said hello to all those who passed by. A lover of baseball, Marty could also be found at Little League games with the same enthusiasm for greeting others. He passed away in 1999. Donors were quick to memorialize Marty in this mural.

Hartley and Wesley Koski Mural Completed in 2008 Hartley and Wesley Koski Mural

This mural is in honor of Hartley and Wesley Koski. Never suspected of their accumulated wealth, it was a surprise when Hartley’s death resulted in donation of $1,050,000 to the Virginia Community Foundation.