Virginia Murals

You can help to restore vitality to our downtown by supporting the creation of beautiful murals. Donors wishing to support future murals in Virginia’s downtown area may make contributions to Virginia’s Non-endowed Mural Fund. As a non-endowed fund, your gift principal and earnings will be available for future murals.

Silver Lake Beach Completed in 2020 Silver Lake Beach

There’s a new mural in town that’s slowing down car and foot traffic on the west exterior wall of the existing Rocket Liquor building on Chestnut Street in Virginia.

The larger-than-life images of Silver Lake Beach swimmers, the bathing house and merry go round are hard to miss as you pass by the beautiful mural. The 71, 4-x-8-foot aluminum panels cover the entire back wall of the building.  The Silver Lake Beach Mural is the work of muralist Kelly Merideth.  This is her seventh mural that adorns a Virginia building. Kelly used photographs given to her by the Virginia Historical Society along with pictures of the Virginia Skyline to create the mural at her studio in Butternut, Wisconsin.  Like all other murals in town, the Silver Lake Beach Mural was spearheaded by the Virginia Foundation’s Mural Advisory Committee. From the surprised participants to the facial expressions of passers-by, the mural  is a success.  As in all other murals, there is a component that allows all community members; volunteers and families to be a part of these beautiful pieces of history.  We could not have done this mural without the help of volunteers and donations of material needed to put this mural on the building.  Special “thank you” to Northwoods Construction; Andy Heisel & Earl Heisel, Pohaki Lumber and Brandon Seppala,  and Mesabi Sign – Andi & Chris Ringsred.

The Virginia Community Foundation is currently selling “Beach Ball” images that you are able to remember a family member, honor a loved one or just be on the mural for historic reasons.  The Beach Balls are $100 and the funds are collected to maintain and fund future murals.  If you are interested please print form below and stop by office or mail in with your $100 contribution.  If you have any questions please call 218-749-8239.

Beach Ball order form

Virginia Athletic Mural Completed in 2015 Virginia Athletic Mural
Ojibwe Mural Completed in 2014 Ojibwe Mural
Cruising Main Completed in 2013 Cruising Main
Marching Blues: the Virginia Marching Band Through Time Completed in 2012 Marching Blues: the Virginia Marching Band Through Time
Canelakes Candy Mural Completed in 2011 Canelakes Candy Mural

This mural celebrates a 100 year old business and tradition.

Veterans Mural Completed in 2010 Veterans Mural

This mural, near Bailey’s Lake, extends over 250 feet in length, and includes images, plaques and stars of local veterans.

Marty Biondich Completed in 2009 Marty Biondich

This mural features Marty Biondich, a downtown icon for many years who kept the streets clean and always had a friendly grin and a kind word for downtown merchants and passersby. “Marty”, as he was fondly known by everyone in town, passed away in 1999. Donors to the project were able to have a name painted on individual baseballs incorporated within the mural.

Hartley and Wesley Koski Mural Completed in 2008 Hartley and Wesley Koski Mural

This mural is in honor of Hartley and Wesley Koski, who bequeathed their entire estate worth $1,050,000 to the Virginia Community Foundation