Current Charitable Funds

Blue Pride Fund

The Blue Pride Fund is dedicated to supporting high-school league activities (athletics and the fine arts) at Virginia High School. Since its inception in 2001, the Blue Pride Fund has awarded more than $30,000 to meet students’ needs.

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Downtown Revitalization Fund

To support revitalization efforts, the Downtown Revitalization Fund will be used for current efforts such as planning, vacant lot redevelopment, and other initiatives for the greater Chestnut Street area.

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Friends of the Library Fund

A strong and thriving public library is the mission of the Friends of the Library Fund.  Organized in 2003, the fund was established to support ongoing needs for the Virginia Public Library.

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Fund for the Arts

Established by P&H Mining Equipment, through the Joy Global Foundation, Fund for the Arts supports the Virginia Community Foundation’s mission to build a better community by providing additional resources for the arts. It is used exclusively to support the arts in the greater Virginia community.

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George Munig Economic Scholarship Fund

This annual scholarship is awarded to Virginia High School students who are studying George’s favorite subject; Economics. Created in 2011.

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Garett Plotnik Memorial Scholarship Fund

This annual scholarship is awarded to a Virginia High School senior who is actively involved in extra-curricular activities, has outdoor interests, and demonstrates characteristics of a positive role model. Created in 2012.

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Parks, Lakes and Recreation Fund

Established by P&H Mining Equipment, through the Joy Global Foundation, the Parks, Lakes and Recreation fund will assist in providing recreation and conservation opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. Created in 2012.

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Virginia Educational Fund

Organizers established the Virginia Educational Fund to create connections to the classroom, to enhance available resources, to enrich experiences, and to provide the best educational opportunities for all students in Virginia Public Schools. Created in 2008.

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Virginia’s Mural Fund

Contributions to Virginia’s Mural Fund will be expended to support murals for the greater downtown area.

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Virginia Community Foundation Unrestricted Fund

The Unrestricted Fund makes it possible to respond to the ever-changing needs in our community. The fund has awarded over $500,000 in grants throughout the community to date. These grants support every corner of Virginia. Created in 1991.

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Legacy Funds

These funds work alongside the unrestricted fund by assessing community needs and respond by awarding grants to local non-profits.

  • The Bialke Family Legacy Fund
  • The Micheal and Debra Appelwick Family Legacy Fund
  • The Peter and Colette Johnson Family Legacy Fund
  • The Northern State Bank of Virginia Legacy Fund
  • The Kurt and Carol Sundquist Legacy Fund
  • The Ross and Rudy Harvey Family Legacy Fund
  • The Bachschneider Family Fund
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