VCF presents final funds from OPFF to City of Virginia


At year-end in 2019, the Virginia Community Foundation board of directors voted to sunset the Olcott Park Fountain Restoration Fund and to turn over remaining funds to the City of Virginia.  The fund was created in 2015 for the purpose of supporting the City of Virginia and the Olcott Park Fountain Restoration Committee in renovating and maintaining the Olcott Park Fountain, observation platform, and adjacent grounds.  The management of the fund was to be a two-year commitment by the Virginia Community Foundation and was extended out for various reasons; increased project bids, funding and weather.

In August, the community gathered for a celebration to christen the new fountain and watch the first sprays in over 30 years.  Many dignitaries were present to thank donors, the committee, VCF, and all that worked so hard to make this possible. This project was a labor of love from the beginning and thanks to donors, businesses, and the hard work of volunteers, this was a great example of what community can do when we work together.

As the project draws to a close, the VCF would like to step away from the management of the fund to focus on community revitalization and other projects.  On May, 12th Rudy Harvey- Executive Director of the VCF & Greg Gilness- Committee Chair, presented the City of Virginia with a check in the amount of $42,745.88 that was remaining in the fund.  These funds are intended to be used for the purpose of paying the final invoices for the Fountain restoration, with any excess committed to an ongoing maintenance fund for the Olcott Park Foundation. Please direct any new donations directly to the City of Virginia.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the Olcott Park Fountain Restoration; businesses, donors, volunteers, City of Virginia & employees, DSGW, the OPFF committee, Greg Gilness and all that were involved in any way on this project.  We look forward to working together on many more joint projects that will make Virginia and our surrounding communities stronger and prosperous.


Submitted by

Ronda (Rudy) Harvey

Executive Director- Virginia Community Foundation