The Virginia Community Foundation has three areas of interest based on historical factors and responding to community needs.

Downtown/Business/Parks and Recreation 


Supporting Community Organizations

The Virginia Community Foundation can describe its grant program by acknowledging three ways grants make a difference in our community. All grant awards fall within the Foundation Areas of Interest.

  1. There are grants that support non-profit organizations, government entities and/or support of informal groups These grants are funded using investment returns from the Foundation endowment. These grants fall within all Areas of Interest and average about collaboration with various groups, support has been provided for designated funds. While mostly small in dollar amount, these grants make up the bulk of Foundation grant programming activities.
  2. The Foundation has provided a service as fiscal agent on behalf of a community project that has a broad public appeal. These projects are an exception to regular granting activities. The Foundation responds to a request to serve as fiscal agent, receives donations, and disburses them as needed. The $1 million Olcott Park Renovation is the largest such collaboration to date.
  3. The Foundation has served as a conduit to leverage resources from outside the Foundation service area. As the grantee for a large award from a foundation or government agency, the Foundation helps bring new monies into our town. By collaborating with the city of Virginia, the Foundation was able to secure a Minnesota DEED Main Street Economic Revitalization Program Grant, realizing over $1.7 million for downtown improvements.