Create a Legacy

In 2013, three families pooled their money to recognize their parents with a Named Legacy Donation. Since then, others have asked that their ongoing or major gifts be named.

A Named Legacy Donation is a major gift to the VCF Endowment. Since these funds are held in perpetuity, resources to respond to emerging community needs is ensured for generations to come. A minimum gift of $10,000 must be contributed before formal recognition is acknowledged in the following manner:

1 – Listed as part of the Legacy Group on the webpage and other donor recognitions.

2 – A history of the “named” legacy donor, as approved by the donor, will become a part of the Legacy Group historical records.

3 – The “named” donor will be invited to a celebratory annual meeting at the Foundation Office.

Larger gifts of $25K or more, including accumulated donations received on behalf of the Named Legacy will be recognized with:

4 – A professional photo displayed in the Foundation Office, with a history summary below.

A Legacy Donation may be named to recognize an individual, a couple, a group, or an organization. Recognition details will be approved by the contributor(s).

If you have questions about becoming a member of the Legacy Group, please call 218 749-8239.