Goodbye to Miners

As we prepare to christen our new MECC facility with a week long celebration in September, we must say “goodbye” to the Miners Memorial Building.  The last hockey games were played after the long Covid restrictions were lifted, the last figure skating show was in April and the public was invited for the “Final Skate”.  So many memories were shared of home shows, the circus, Chili Cook-offs and many more events that the Miners held over the years.  Also, many tears were shed of parents spending countless hours watching hockey practices from mites to high school years of play.  The Miners was like an old friend to so many families, and a “home” to our Blue Devils.  As we look to the future, it is sad to say “goodbye” but wait until you see what is in store for the future!  The MECC is a beautiful, state-of-the-art convention center and the new home of the Rock Ridge Wolverines.  We can’t wait to start making new memories!