Virginia Community Foundation’s Mission and Vision

OUR VISION: The Virginia Community Foundation is a catalyst for investment of charitable giving through grantmaking and leadership initiatives that strengthen and revitalize our community.

OUR MISSION: We envision Virginia as a vibrant place where people feel welcome and share a strong sense of community pride. The revitalization of our city center showcases how entrepreneurship and locally owned businesses can thrive, and features active venues for art and cultural experiences. Investment is visible in both our business districts and neighborhoods through the restoration and beautification of vintage properties, and sustainable construction of new ones. Families are drawn to Virginia as a long-term place to settle and raise their children due to our safe attractive neighborhoods, parks and recreational opportunities, strong schools, and other amenities. Public, nonprofit, and private organizations work collaboratively across sectors to achieve these improvements that matter most to the people living and working in our community.

Strategic Plan

2015 was a year of transition and change for the Virginia Community Foundation.  The year began with new office staff, an office Space-lift, and the board working with Independent Consultant-Whitney Crettol to guide them through a Strategic Plan for the Foundation’s future.  The Foundation’s eleven member board was given the task of identifying community needs and then strategically determining which of those needs to focus on over the next five years.  The board invited local leaders to participate in two Community Focus Group sessions which involved identifying those needs.  They are now looking at the results and working collaboratively to define a clear vision of what needs to be done to achieve the new goals.  “It has been a year of transition for the Foundation and we are all ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work to grow the endowment and give back to our community”, said Executive Director, Ronda “Rudy” Harvey.

Again, in 2019 the board of directors was tasked to do an 2019 Strategic Plan Update and created the five year updated plan.  The VCF board is focused on community improvements, larger community projects currently taking place, and as always growing our endowment.  As our endowment grows, our foundation is able to give more to these vital projects and keep our community vibrant for families, residents and visitors to Virginia and the surrounding area.