History of the Virginia Community Foundation

The history of the Virginia Community Foundation began with a walk around Baileys Lake. Two local residents, one being Marieta Johnson, realized something needed to be done about the debris around the lake. This prompted Marieta to apply for and receive a $500 grant from a local bank for the first Baileys Lake clean-up event. These were the first seeds planted that grew into the Virginia Community Foundation.

Local business and community leaders were inspired to create a permanent resource for building a better community. The Virginia Community Foundation was established in 1991 with $100,000 commitment from the city of Virginia and with technical assistance, administrative support, and a $20,000 grant from the Northland Foundation.

Founding Business and Community Leaders: Larry Asbach, Beverly Bonner, Dorothy Karon, Bob Leiviska, Elder Metsa, Lisa Pattni, Kurt Sundquist, David “Orlo” Anderson,¬†Patty Phillips, Vic Lager, and Kevin Pietrini.