About the Foundation

The Foundation is a permanent endowment committed to the improvement and enrichment of the quality of life in Virginia. This means that funds invested in the foundation are kept in a “trust” and earn interest. The interest generated from the endowment will be used to fund many community projects.

Community leaders came together in 1990 to look at Virginia’s past, present, and future. While Virginia struggles through some very difficult times in the 1980’s, the 1990’s began with a renewed spirit and leadership throughout the community. Yet, there was a lack of focus and many unmet needs. This group of community leaders responded by creating the Virginia Foundation, a permanent resource that could respond to community needs as well as be an investment in Virginia‚Äôs future.

This year the Virginia Foundation turned 31 years old and now has a board of 12 diverse community members that are focusing on two priorities identified by our community; Safety in our Neighborhoods and Downtown Revitalization/ and Beautification. We have seen the installation of ten murals, has given 271 grants, totaling over $862,000 to our community, has 11 funds under its umbrella, and a permanent office at 303 Chestnut Street on Virginia’s historic Main Street.