About the Foundation

The Virginia Community Foundation (VCF) is a permanent endowment committed to the improvement of the quality of life in Virginia. Funds invested in the endowment generate interest returns that are used to fund community projects.

In addition to the endowment, the VCF board of directors and staff oversee advisory funds and special projects that enrich the lives of those who live in and visit Virginia. Advisory funds include the Friends of the Library Fund and Lou’s Closet, which provides clothing and eye glasses to low-income children. The most recent special project was the restoration of the Olcott Park Fountain, a project worth $1.1 million.

In 2021, VCF Foundation celebrated its 31st anniversary. A diverse board of directors remains focused on improvements that revitalize and beautify city lakes and parks, help the young and old, and address emerging needs of the city.

The Foundation has awarded over $1 million in grants, supported the installation of 9 murals, and moved into a permanent home at 303 Chestnut Street. The latter is thanks to a generous contribution from Dr. Brenner, a former resident and physician that worked in Virginia for many years.