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The Virginia Community Foundation

The Virginia Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports innovation and continued improvement in the community of Virginia, Minnesota, in the heart of Minnesota’s Iron Range.

Earnings from the Foundation’s charitable endowment (assets: $4.6 million) are used in grant-making to fund projects that are vital to the progress and growth of the community of Virginia. With gratitude to generous community-minded citizens and businesses who make contributions, the Foundation has awarded over $708,467 in grants throughout the community to date.


COVID-19 Update

Last year, the Virginia Community Foundation provided $140,000 to 22 groups. See where the money went »

Recent Grants

  • $500 Garett Plotnik Memorial Scholarship Fund Rachel Krulc – Scholarship Recipient
  • $500 George Munig Economic Scholarship Fund Sarah Keute – Scholarship Recipient
  • $9,000 Virginia Educational Fund ISD 706 – Goodman Auditorium Audio Update
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