Grant Guidelines

The Virginia Community Foundation gives favorable consideration to grant proposals that:

  • Are likely to make a clear difference in the quality of life of a substantial number of people for a significant period of time;
  • Show evidence of grassroots support, the need for Virginia Community Foundation funding, and plans for future sustainability;
  • Propose practical approaches to resolve current community problems or are preventive in nature;
  • Encourage cooperation and collaboration, without duplication of services;
  • Promote volunteer involvement;
  • Respond to well-documented community needs and/or require a moderate amount of grant money but produce significant results in the service area.

Low priority will typically be given to on-going program support. Because grants from unrestricted funds cannot provide long-term or permanent support for any purpose, agencies must have the financial potential to sustain a program after the Community Foundation’s funding has ended. In rare cases, the unrestricted fund may provide more than one grant to ensure stability of a new program or agency.

The Virginia Community Foundation provides this information as grant guidelines, not rules. The Foundation is willing to consider any proposal that could have a major positive impact on the community, especially if funding is not available from any other source.

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